Our History

Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society is an offshoot of Al-Habibiyyah Academy which was established on the 6th of January, 2003. The Society and the other arms of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Organization were formed almost the same way Islam started through the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Imam Fuad A. Adeyemi who had served several Islamic Organizations as Imam consulted widely with family members, friends, and elders within and outside the Muslim Community before initiating the creation of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society.

Among the aims of Al-Habibiyyah is to provide education, especially to the elites who were unable to access Islamic education in their formative years. Also, society positions itself to be the link between the haves and have-nots.

It is also a platform where all tribes and people from different socio-economic backgrounds could meet, interact and promote to course of Islam and the welfare of the less privileged.

In 2004, we commenced the weekly Ta’aleem (Prayers) in the house of one of the members of the society. Then it was called Ghalib Islamic Society, before we moved to our temporary site opposite the British Village, Wuse II, Abuja where it was finally renamed The Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society of Nigeria.

The society eventually moved to her permanent site in the year 2010 at Guzape Asokoro Extension, Abuja, and has continued to preach the fear of Allah (SWT) to Muslims, both at the leadership and the followership levels.

We also continue to emphasize the need to provide for the welfare of the less privileged people of our society and the advancement of Islamic culture and tenets in all facets of human endeavors. Finally, It’s a melting pot for the Muslims and non-Muslims, the haves and the have-nots.