Do Something Initiative, DSI for short, is an Al-Habibiyyah unique business finance model strictly for small-scale business owners with a bias for women especially widows.

It is an empowerment scheme like Zakat but differs in operation and procedures. While Zakat (charity) is a grant, DSI on the other hand provides no-interest loans to the beneficiaries for start-up or scale-up.

The committee is peopled with financial and business experts with sound Islamic knowledge. However, DSI is not only for Al-Habibiyyah members or Muslims alone, Christians and other religions are equally qualified to access the loan, but must be a “ Halal “ business.

In no distant future, an announcement will be made for the commencement of the medium-size business loan where pieces of equipment and other business tools will be procured for the business owners. Thus, the discussion has reached an advanced stage with the implementing banks.

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