The first case of coronavirus confirmed in Nigeria on Feb. 28 and subsequent lockdown of the Economy by the Government because of the growing evidence of communities’ transmission of COVID 19.

Epidemics of the size of Covid-19, have huge economic impacts – not just from the costs of managing the health of people but stopping citizenry from their livelihood. The crisis provides an opportunity to reaffirm the fundamental role civil society organizations especially faith-based organizations must play as a key partner in emergency contexts.

Hence, Al-Habibiyyah first activated her Foodbank program to cushion the effect of lockdown on the citizenry, over 600 packs of food items and cash has since been distributed to different households in Abuja and its environs. Shortly after our food Bank was activated, it dawned on us that people are really unaware or have little knowledge about the virus. This led to the ADVOCACY program on COVID 19.

We started with the launching of a massive advocacy campaign on how to prevent, detect and contain the threat of infectious COVID 19 using our social media platform (WHATSAPP) and SMS. Later, a jingle in English that was later translated to Nigeria’s three major languages (Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba) was made and had gone viral on our social media platform especially in Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Kogi, Kaduna, Niger, Kebbi and Sokoto states.

Later, an English version of our Jingle for COVID 19 was usually aired on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) during 9 ‘’0’’ clock network news which is the most-watched news in Nigeria.

Also, our Radio program “Be Just” on Human Rights Radio 101.1FM is another medium we are using for advocacy campaigns on prevention, detection, and containment of the infectious COVID 19.