Anti-corruption war: Religious leaders must be get involved – Imam Fuad

Religious leaders have been urged by Imam Fuad Adeyemi to get involved in the anti-corruption war by President Buhari – He said without the help of the people, the government cannot succeed in the fight.
According to him, we need all hands linked in the fight against corruption The executive director of the Just Foundation of Al-Habibiyyah, Imam Fuad Adeyemi, has called on religious leaders across the country to get involved in the anti-corruption efforts of the federal government.

He said without the support and input of religious leaders, the government cannot succeed alone in the war. He said religious leaders command respect and followership across the larger segments of the citizenry.

Speaking in Abuja on Saturday, March 3, at the official launch of the Project EAT-FIn (Encouraging Accountability and Transparency through Faith-based Intervention) organized by the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society (AIS) and the MacArthur Foundation, he said Nigerians need to come together to fight against corruption, Daily Trust reports.

Adeyemi said: “As a nation, we can’t continue to live in a country where snake swallowed N36m while hardworking men cannot spend two hundred naira on food at once. We can’t continue to celebrate and honor thieves who stole our commonwealth while ignoring the poor who perform noble acts.

Since the government has taken the fight from the top, we should support it from below, such that we make it difficult for those who stole our collective treasure to find space with us.

“The corruption and mad acquisition for wealth are what I refer to as ‘Digital Stealing and Scientific Corruption’ as some Nigerians have continually devised new approaches just as the government is reigning them in.

We believe that we need all hands linked in the fight against corruption, so that those who hitherto used to celebrate those who gained wealth and fame through corruption would abhor corruption and so withdraw their patronage of such corrupt elements in the society.”

Also speaking, the coordinator of the Project EAT-Fin Dr. Rekiya Momoh-Abaji, said due to the importance of the anti-corruption fight championed by President Muhammadu Buhari administration, the AIS is collaborating with the MacArthur Foundation on the three-year project.

Lending his voice to the discussion, the Africa director of MacArthur Foundation, Dr. Kole Shettima, said for the anti-corruption effort to succeed, every citizen must be involved.

In his goodwill message, the secretary of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, Dr. Musa Usman Abubakar, said fighting corruption is a religious obligation as no religion condones corruption.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has said his administration is winning the war against corruption and also enforcing the rule of law. He said this has resulted in significant growth in the non-oil sector which is creating thousands of jobs across the country.

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