The complex erection started in June 2016 contracted to a contractor and later revoked and the committee seeks Shuurah council approval for the direct labor model.

Early 2018, the Direct Labour model commenced on the largest and most impressive Mosque buildings located on the hill of Guzape, a district in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the building complex comprises a congregational mosque and Administrative block, The Juma’ah Mosque Building is designed to accommodate over 2,000 worshippers.

The structure covers an area of 1,202m2 and will accommodate both Male and Female worshippers. The Male worshippers mainly on the ground floor, while Female worshippers are on the gallery with few Male worshippers. The mosque building has 7 entrances, one at the rear and 3-Nos entrances on both sides of the building.

The Mosque building accommodates:

• The Chief Imam’s Office
• The Shuurah Council Secretary’s Office; and
• The Shuurah Council Board Room

The Mosque building is also designed to have a rooftop prayer area which helps takes the praying capacity to about 2,600 worshippers.

In addition, the Mosque building has three (3) Minarets of 43m heights. Two (2) Minarets at the rear and one at the front. These Minarets are bounded with 5 rings to symbolize the Five Pillars of Islam.

The Floor is to be finished in glazed patterned terrazzo floor finish with customized Arabian carpet laid on the floor in prayer sequence.

The Internal Wall is to be finished in mosaic patterned wall tile while the external wall is finished in different colors of blue marble tiles on major faces of the wall and sand brown Mayer paints at recesses.
The Roof is finished in unglazed ceramic floor tiles laid with waterproof cement with a handrail all around the parapet.

The Windows are high windows from the ground to the ceiling level at 6m height; they are finished in sky blue Aluminum color with transparent glass.

All Doors into the Mosque building are three meters (3m) high and well decorated to give absolute spiritual ambiance to the edifice.

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