About Our Organization

Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society activities cut across education, public preaching, mosque projects and other Islamic activities.

Part of what we do is to help tackle the problems of poverty, giving out Zakat to improve welfare of masses in our society


Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society was registered by Corporate Affairs Commission on 23rd May 2007 to propagate Islamic principle, Doctrines and teachings; to promote Islamic ethics, values and ideas among members and all Muslim, also to cater for welfare of the generality of the people irrespective of religion, tribes and Nationality etc.

In carrying out our mandate, we have engaged in various activities and program that are not only beneficial to Muslims but Christian alike through the gift and donations we receive from members, Individuals and groups as well as private and public establishments.


To make Islam acceptable and respectable by everybody both here in Nigeria and around the globe.


We shall endeavour at all times to be at the forefront of Islam propagation, both in Nigeria and all corners of the globe inviting all to the glorious path of Islam through personal conduct as good and as obedient servant of Allah

Be a part of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society projects

Helping each other can make the world a better place for us all.

We also continue to emphasize the need to provide for the welfare of the less privileged people of our society and the advancement of Islamic culture and tenets in all facets of human endeavors.

Finally, Its a melting-pot for the Muslims and non-Muslims, the haves and the have-nots.


We will appreciate your donations and support to help us touch more lives around the globe.


Kindly donate for the building of Al-habibiyyah juma'at mosque. No amount is too small for Allah's project.


Our weekly activities and monthly seminars are very important we take part even if is the zoom meetings.